MONELLO Adultos de Razas Pequeñas sabor carne, arroz, remolacha 15KG

Monello Dog Small Breed Adult Dog Beef, Rice & Beetroot contains no artificial colors or flavors, and provides a specific diet for small breed dogs, with nutrients that ensure the pet’s well-being. With adapted kibbles, the food becomes more attractive and easier to consume. Because of the beet pulp, which is a source of fiber, highly digestible proteins, and the addition of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), a prebiotic that improves intestinal health, the food ensures maximum absorption and proper nutrition, as well as a more hygienic indoor environment due to the stool volume and odor reduction.

Monello Small Breed Dog also contains sodium hexametaphosphate, which helps keep the pet’s teeth clean and promotes oral health. Besides, flaxseed and olive oil enhance the beauty and health of coat and skin.


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Niveles de Garantía

Proteína Cruda (mín.)240g/kg (24%)Lípidos (mín.)120g/kg (12%)Fibras (máx.)30g/kg (3%)Materia Mineral (máx.)90g/kg (9%)Calcio (mín. / máx.)10g/kg – 22g/kg (1,0 – 2,2%)Fósforo (mín. / máx.)8000mg/kg – 16g/kg (0,8 – 1,6%)Sodio (mín.)2000mg/kg (0,2%)Omega 3 (mín.)3000mg/kg (0,3%)Omega 6 (mín.)30g/kg (3%)Saponina (mín.)10mg/kgVitamina E (mín.)200UI/kgVitamina C (mín.)100mg/kgZinc (mín.)130mg/kgSelenio (mín.)0,35mg/kgHumedad (máx.)100g/kg (10%)

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